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KIDS IntRo to Capoeira

  • Capoeira is an amazing movement art for kids of all ages. Try our 4 week introductory series and see how this creative cultural practice can inspire your child! Space is limited for this small group training. All children 6 and above must complete an Intro to Capoeira series in order to enter our year-round program.

  • Our kids’ Capoeira program is split into 3 age and skill groups: kids 5-7.5, kids 7.5-11, and advanced kids/tweens/teens. 

About Capoeira

  • This historically Afro-Brazilian sport fuses dance, martial arts, acrobatics and traditional music.  It is a great way to develop coordination, balance, and flexibility. Training Capoeira not only helps youth get physically strong, it helps build confidence, character and leadership skills.   



See our schedule to sign up for your first class. We invite all new students to come try our Saturday classes first!  

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