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Kajukenbo is an American hybrid martial art founded by Sijo Emperado. It originated in the Palama Settlement of Oahu, Hawaii. The KA- stands for Karate and Tang Soo Do Korean Karate. JU- represents Judo and Jujutsu. KEN acknowledges the art of Kenpo. And BO- integrates western and Chinese Boxing. 



Our Ohana leader, Sigung Jose Ortega, has studied Kajukenbo since the age of nine. Kajukenbo's approach to hard training and keeping an open mind has enabled Sigung Ortega to also excel in kickboxing and Muay Thai. Through Kajukenbo he passes on the discipline and hard-earned skills he learned from his Kajukenbo lineage — A.D. Emperado, John Leoning, Doug Bunda, and Jose Limon.

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